KGI: Apple set to launch 3 new “iPhone X like” models in 2018

November 14, 2017 863

Well if you want to… innovate then I guess you have to persist, don’t you agree? According to KGI Securities (and technology expert Ming-Chi Kuo) Apple has already decided to rely on the main design of the iPhone X for their 2018 lineup of iPhones and we should expect not one or two, but 3 new smartphones based on this design.

There’s a relevant image accompanying the article and in it you can see more or less the 3 upcoming iPhone models for 2018. The first thing you’ll notice about all of them is that they’re keeping the design of the iPhone X intact, bezel-less screen and controversial notch included. There is no sign of a TouchID sensor (we can safely forget about it in the next-gen models I guess), but there will be the TrueDepth camera system on the front.

According to the analyst (Kuo) two of the models will be equipped with OLED displays: the smaller of these will be the same size as the iPhone X, while the other will pack a 6.5 inch display for people who like bigger devices. This behemoth will come with an even higher resolution than the X, aiming for up to 500 ppi pixel density.

The third iPhone will be equipped according to the analyst with a 6.1 inch TFT (!) display and it will be released as Apple’s entry-level iPhone with a much lower price ranging between $649-$749. As you can understand, it will have a lower-res display and thus have a smaller pixel density than its siblings. It will also be manufactured with cheaper materials and have mid-range specs when compared to the other 2 devices.

As always all of the above are now rumors, and have not been confirmed. Take a pinch of salt therefore and wait.